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Mini Air Touch Up Spray Gun

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trade Quality Mini Air Touch Up Spray Gun - NEW

This very handy spray gun handles all automotive paints and lacquers

Easy to use thumb fluid control lets you decide how much paint to be spraying

To be used for shading and spotting, but this gun will allow a large range of viscosities from fine surface finishes to heavy body coating


• 0.63cm (1/4") inlet size
• 1.5mm standard nozzle
• 1.3 " 2.5mm optional nozzle
• 50 " 70psi operating pressure
• 180mm pattern width
• 8.2cfm air consumption
• 200ml cup capacity
• Self centring brass air nozzle
• Non bleeder type and siphonal feed
• Adjustable spray pattern
• Thumb fluid control˜


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1.5mm standard nozzle• 1.3 " 2.5mm optional nozzle 0.63cm (1/4") inlet size• 50 " 70psi operating pressure 180mm pattern width 200ml cup capacity Adjustable spray pattern

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