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Whatever the Weather

Snow or rain, fog or heaven forbid sunshine, there is always something in need of attention, whether its early spring pruning, summer annuals or autumn lawn seeding; the garden can need attention at any and all times of year.

That’s why at Double Tee we have a year round gardening department, not just a seasonal aisle! So whenever you need us, for emergency or just to upgrade to a more comfortable pair of gloves, we’re here for you. Naturally we always strive to make our prices the best in town so you don’t need to look anywhere else!

Our highly experienced staff are also on hand to offer assistance making sure you purchase the right product for the right task, if you’re grappling to grasp the nettles of your first plot don’t worry we can advise on everything from weed control to fence painting!

Wild Bird Food

We know how important it is to support our native wild birds.

With every survey showing declines in many of our favourite native species we believe everyone should be doing their bit to support our birds.

This is why at Double tee we sell a variety of bird food & speciality bird food to suit most native species needs.

A broad mix of products...


We stock twine and ties, pots & planters, sacks and felts, mesh & chickenwire. Irrigation (anything wet!). We offer Jeyes fluid, rubble sacks & pest control amongst much more!


Water can sometimes become unexpectedly rare, and we always recommend (wherever you are able to) using our storage solutions to recycle rain water. We also stock a range of hozes, fixtures & fittings, water butts, water cans (galvanised & plastic), sprayers & more.

Garden Chemicals

We offer all those necessary evils - weed killers, bug & pest control, slug killer etc. We also stock a range of general and specialist plant/vegetable food & fertilisers, lawn weed & feed.

Growing Media

We stock compost all year round, in a range of sizes and types including peat free, grow bags, multipurpose and more. We’ll even help you carry it to your car if you want!


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